vertilinc tablet app

Just One App for your Community

Tired of flipping through apps or websites to make payments or post work orders? forgot the credentials to your app for access control? changed phones and your saved websites passwords are gone? If you live in one building, why should you have 6 apps to control it? At Vertilinc we feel each building is unique and deserves their own app, customized for the needs of their residents and the services provided at their property. And all can be accessed with your fingerprint, so no more passwords to remember!

One app for: visitor registration, package notices, management messages, facility reservations, online payments, device control and even to open the door to your residence! Let us develop a custom app for your property, with a unique look and feel for your brand. We can customize the modules, the language and the integrations with access control platforms to ensure a unified experience for residents

Resident Benefits

  • View and change contact information, including pets and vehicles, as well as emergency contact information.
  • View and change emergency contacts and insurance information in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster.
  • View permanent guests and pre-authorize guests for easy access into the property.
  • View and setup guest lists for any upcoming gatherings you are hosting.
  • View and pay association/condo dues and setup recurring payments.
  • Have a complete calendar of events for your area along with access to regional mobile apps with events, coupons, and things to do around town.
  • Community Classifieds: post items for sale of purchase, realtors can post units for sale or lease, and all can be controlled by the building's staff.
  • Community Maintenance: check when the next pest control will take place.
  • Community electronic message boards: post events, maintenance schedules, community meetings.
  • Community Security: Visitor login with picture and printed parking permit with directions.
  • Community Phone Book: See contact information for the property as well as the city.
  • Community Messaging: Exchange messages with other residents.
  • View activities provided in and around the building such as tennis courts, racquetball courts, gyms, Spa sessions, golf, and more.
  • View schedules, information, and make reservations on all activities.
  • View real-time schedules for and reserve facilities such as elevators and loading docks.
  • Download and fill out any specific facility-reservation requirements and pay online any rental or cleaning fees for any facility that’s reserved.
  • View and reserve your spot at classes or events with fixed capacity.
  • Request your car.
  • Request the car for your guests.
  • Request transportation services (taxi, limo, etc.).
  • Request Luggage or assistance with groceries.
  • Request Car services (wash, wax, detailing, etc.).
  • Click to call your concierge right from the app.
  • Request Concierge services such as dog walking, babysitting, dry cleaning, laundry, window-washing, pest control, reservations, or car service.
  • Schedule massages, shoe polishing, and other personal services.
  • Request and schedule cleaning and at-home services for residence.
  • Request and track maintenance items around the property and common areas.
  • Request and track maintenance items in your residence.
  • Request, track, and pay for handyman services provided in your property or by a third party.
  • View a calendar of maintenance activities around the property.