Deliver integrated, easy to use
home automation for your renters or buyers


Better Together

Technology that seamlessly talks to each other
delivers a better user experience for your residents


Leading Edge Technologies

Deliver cutting-edge resident services with mobile convenience


Accounting Integration

Give your residents one login for account balance, payment history and online payments

When you integrate Vertilinc with your accounting system you can avoid double entry work and minimize errors, but with our access control integration you can take it a step further and limit resident access for delinquent accounts automatically!

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Keyless Entry

Ditch the keys and FOBs, use your phone to get into your community, gym and even your home

Need to let visitors, such as relatives or maintenance staff or dog walkers, into your home at specific times – even when you’re out of the house? Easy. You can send a digital key to a visitor that is valid only at certain times on specific dates. The digital key is stored safely and securely on their mobile phone – so once they’ve got it, they won’t lose it.

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Stream BOD Meetings

Increase participation in your board meetings and foster an inclusive community where all owners can be part of board meetings where important community decisions are made. Use any device to login to your mobile app or portal, PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and you can watch and listen in real time and participate in your community.

All you need is some basic computer and webcam hardware and we provide the rest, all included in your Vertilinc service. One of our expert IT partner companies can set everything up for you completely turnkey, just turn on the PC and start treaming your meeting

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Vertilinc for



Want to integrate your access control for vehicles or residents in one database? having to do double entry into your accounting system? Have a separate system for visitor management? Do you wish you could do all this from your mobile phone when you are not in the office?

Vertilinc for


Is your website compliant with current statutes? would you like to stream your board meetings? interested in electronic voting? want to have one website for board meetings, visitor registration, rosters, delinquencies, Account online, payments, reservations, marketplace, preferred vendors?

Vertilinc for



Would you like to engage your buyers or renters during construction? Want to deliver home automation but not sure how to put together a solution without creating headaches for your staff? Need help with Alexa, Nest, mobile keys, and visitor access? Want to deliver all of this in an easy to use branded app that promotes your project or corporate identity?

Intuitive Graphical Interface

User Friendly and Responsive




Intuitive Interface

Designed from the ground up to be fully responsive and easy to use across any desktop or mobile device.



Mobile Apps

Branded mobile apps to highlight the lifestyle, features and amenities in your property.




16 years ago we started with our own hardware
custom made touchscreens for everything in a condo
valet, concierge, dining, repairs, tennis, guests
now we are more BYOD, use your own device and
access everything in and around your community.

Why choose us?

Other than because we are the coolest company to work with

touch panel
Great Support

We have one support level, "whatever it takes"


Tiene residentes que prefieren el espaƱol?

Awesome Design

That's what our graphics designers keep on saying

Play well with others

Accounting, access control, tenant screenings, e-voting, streaming, etc.

Mobile Centric

If you use it frequently it should be on your phone, right?

Custom Branding

It is your community, it should have it's own look and personality