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Integrated Property Management

Do you have to login to multiple systems to make roster changes or add barcodes to the gate or create FOBs for residents or add them to the callbox-intercom? Do you have separate systems for package tracking or electronic voting or visitor management? With Vertilinc you only have to login to one place and we take care of the rest. We do the heavy lifting of integrating your roster with your accounting platform for increased security and data integrity. We also integrate with your access control platform to expired leases get their credentials deactivated automatically. We bring together the IoT devices in the property for easy management and tracking, and much more. And with an easy to use dashboard with custom alerts, you can quickly visualize anything from delinquencies to water leaks or possible home-sharing violations.

And since we keep a copy of all the data for barcodes, FOBs, owners, tenants, IoT devices, etc. then you do not have to worry about backups or disaster recovery. Should you lose your access control server we can reload the entire data in minutes so your property remains secured and operational.

Management Benefits

  • Log-in visitors, contractors, and manage special permissions.
  • Scan drivers license for increased accuracy and speed.
  • Create shift notes, shift change reports, and incident reports and automatically notify management.
  • Track key usage that includes signature confirmation.
  • Take pictures of contractors and/or license plates for added security.
  • Add and track any resident requests.
  • Receive recorded messages from residents via automated voice answering service.
  • Manage work orders with automatic updates to residents.
  • Set recurring work orders for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and multi-yearly tasks.
  • Track assets, preventive maintenance performed and life expectancy.
  • Manage vendors, COI, contracts and work orders performed by your vendors.
  • Track consumables like paper or pool chemicals and get alerts for low levels.
  • Set preventive maintenance checklists for staff to complete electronically.
  • Send management communications via email, sms, voice and in-app push notifications.
  • Send automatic notifications of visitor arrivals via email, sms, voice and in-app push notifications.
  • Send automatic notifications for new packages via email, sms, voice and in-app push notifications.
  • Integrate seamlessly with popular newsletter services like MailChimp for added flexibility.
  • Set automated voice interactions for guest registration.
  • Deploy a digital message board with important notices, package information and local content.
  • Maintain one centralized Resident/Tenant/Owner Database.
  • Manage violations, escalations and fines.
  • Store resident documents (E-File) individually or by unit.
  • Accept credit card payments locally for FOBs, ID cards, parking spaces, etc.
  • Manage facility reservations and accept payments for cleaning, rental and other fees.
  • Have a complete history and audit trails for all activity in the system.
  • Track doorlock status including battery and activity log.
  • Track Thermostat status including relative humidity for possible mold issues.
  • Track water usage, possible water leaks and possible leaky toilets with alerts.
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  • Integration into popular accounting systems such as Jenark, Skyline, TOPS, SagePro, etc.
  • Complete private-label solution to complement corporate identity.
  • Custom mobile app for managers and residents with corporate branding.
  • Track delinquencies, violations, works orders, etc. across entire portfolio with aggregate counts.
  • Track IoT usage across entire portfolio with regional aggregates.
  • Simplified training accross departments with a unified platform for maintenance, access control, management, concierge services, clubhouse/amenities administration and more.